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Divi Dive

Bonaire Holidays

Diving in Bonaire - Parrotfish

The Diving

Divi Dive Bonaire offers a variety of dive services, ranging from shore diving to all day, 3 tank boat trips.

Shore Diving

Tanks are available on the dock 24 hours a day. They also have tanks ready for pickup at the station on the car parkt, making off property diving really easy. Just pull up to the tank station and load tanks into your truck. Dive Bonaire allows you to take more than just one tank at a time, so you don't have to keep returning after each dive.

Boat Diving

Divi Dive Bonaire has a fleet of 5 boats ranging from 36 - 42 foot. Each boat has lots of shade, yet still has a sun bathing area if you want. The benches are custom designed to hold the tanks, so setting up and donning your gear is no hassle. The wide open decks allow you to walk around on the way to and from the dive sites. Iced water and fresh fruit is available.
Boats are photographer friendly with large, 24 sq. ft camera tables and fresh water camera buckets, plus by limiting numbers to 18 per boat, you are assured a relaxed and comfortable experience. Additional features like wide swim platforms, and twin ladders make these boats a pleasure to dive from. Choose from morning 2 tank trips and afternoon single tank trips. Boats run all the way south to sites like Red Slave or Margate Bay and north to Karpata. There is NO SURCHARGE for visiting these far away seldom-dived sites.

Night Diving

Night diving is available every night from the dock and a night boat is scheduled upon request. Most divers find the house reef so good they shore dive it several times during the week.
Learn to Dive
Afull range of instruction is available and many classes can be scheduled to start at your convenience.