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Herzliya Holidays

Holidays in Herzliya

Herzliya Holidays

Herzliya is a Mediterranean beach resort and also a thriving city; the combination of the two creating a unique holiday destination popular with local and foreign tourists alike. Many of the best known hotels in Herzliya are located along its spectacular beachfront, where there are also marinas, restaurants and bars - an area buzzing with life during summer months.

Founded in 1924 as a semi-cooperative farming community, Herzliya has grown rapidly into a modern city with a flourishing industrial zone which plays host to many of Israel’s high tech companies. Facilities have grown equally as fast, and Herzliya offers a diversity of shopping, dining and entertainment options. The city has a lively atmosphere, but without the hedonism of neighbouring Tel Aviv; life moves at a more relaxed pace.

A highlight of Herzlia in the Apollonia National Park, home to fascinating archaeological sites revealing habitation stretching back to the Persian period around 2500 years ago and the remains of the Crusader town of Arsur. The park hosts cultural events and musical festivals throughout the year.

Holidays in Herzliya are generally via Tel Aviv, the arrival point for most international flights to Israel.

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Herzliya Marina

Location of Herzliya

Herzliya is on Israel’s western coast, on the shores of the Mediterranean, less than 20km from Tel Aviv.

Climate in Herzliya

The climate in Herzlia is typically southern Mediterranean, and reasonably temperate all year round, with daytime temperatures in winter rarely dropping below 9 degrees celsius. Nights during winter can get cold. Summers are warm and more humid than in the south of the country.
Best Time to go
The best time to go for a beach holiday is undoubtedly during the summer, and July and August along with Jewish holidays are peak dates in the city.

Temperature Guide

Maximum daily temperatures in degrees celsius.

Jan  Feb    Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec
18    18     19    23     25     27    29    30    29     27     23     19

Herzliya Hotels

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Latest Offers

Dan Accadia Hotel Herzliya - 2020 Offers

Dan Accadia Hotel Herzliya - 2020 Offers

10 March 2020 – Prices from £1,255 per person for 7 nights, Bed & Breakfast at the Dan Accadia, Herzliya based on 2 adults sharing a room


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