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Werner Lau Filitheyo

Filitheyo Island, Maldives Holidays

Diving Filitheyo Maldives with Werner Lau

The Diving

The diving is nothing short of Spectacular! On the north side it falls to more than 90 meters. 7 entry points, all served with tank shuttle service, make for easy diving on the house reef.

House Reef: Several mantas and whale sharks have been sighted right on the house reef. You are free to dive whenever you wish, morning, noon and night. Diving with a quide is not compulsory so experienced divers can explore the reef together with their diving buddy.

Wrecks on the House Reef: The house reef at Filitheyo is home to two wrecks offering a rare opportunity to easy access wrecks.
KM AGRO MINA II became a new underwater attraction on 30 November 2009. Used for many years as fishing boat she now lies on the North side of Filitheyo Island, in an upright position, at a maximum depth of 32 meters.  Before sinking the 30 meter vessel additional openings were added, in order to facilitate wreck penetration.

On 23 December 2010 another wreck was added to the house reef of Filitheyo. The 34 meters long Koimas I lies at a depth of 21 metres down to a maximum of 34 meters and can be dived by divers of all levels from the house reef.

Boat Dives: Werner Lau dive centre has 3-4 diving boats (Dhonies) which depart daily at 9.00 and 14.30. The various diving spots can be reached within 5-60mins. They also offer full day trips at least once a week. These take you to manta locations on the west side of the atoll.

The Dhonies visit 3 or 4 different reefs which vary in difficulty, so there is something for everyone. This gives you the chance to choose the reef which seems most suitable for your personal diving skills.

There are around 30 different diving sites on offer from Filitheyo. This pristine area and the reefs within it are exclusive to divers from Filitheyo.

Learn To Dive

Barakuda (CMAS), SSI and PADI diving courses are on offer continually. The diving courses take place in small groups (1 diving instructor - 2 participants), ensuring effective training to meet your individual needs.

The course begins with an introductory dive in the shallow waters of the Lagoon (approximately 1.5 metres). Under the guidance of a professional instructor you will have plenty of time (approximately1 hour) to get used to the water and learn the art of breathing underwater. At the end of this trial dive you will be divided up into groups for the next day.

The actual training course is split up over three days. You will spend time in the water morning and afternoon.

The last of the six training sessions (and the highlight of the course for most students) includes diving from a boat.

The theory will be taught over the three days between 17:30 und 19:30. After successfully completing the final examination you  will be presented with an internationally recognised certificate (CMAS *). Alternatively you may choose the PADI training programme (PADI Open Water Diver).

The diving school also offers advanced courses up to CMAS gold and PADI Divemaster.